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I said I’d get back to writing today.  Let it not be said I have lied to my wonderful readers.  While this isn’t about finding an agent, this is about getting published.  So, here we go.

I have mentioned my plans to get published in a literary journal.  Being totally convinced I can do anything with my writing – well, except for writing a danged query letter – I have come up with a list of places to attempt to get a short story published.  Below, I have added why this is crazy.

Glimmer Train Press ( One of the prestigious literary journals in America today.  There has been some talk in writer circles if the prestigious is because Glimmer Train is selective about what they publish, or because everyone wants to be published in Glimmer Train.  By everyone, I mean everyone who wants to write short stories wants to be published in Glimmer Train.  Agents read Glimmer Train to see what is out there.  Editors read Glimmer Train.  Authors read Glimmer Train.  Every month, Glimmer Train holds a contest.  There is an entry fee, but the entry fee goes to the prize money.  And it isn’t a huge entry fee.  This month’s entry fee is $18.  Yep, huge fee there.  This month’s category is Open Fiction 2,000 to 20,000 words.  In case anyone is wondering, I am up to 3,801 words for this month’s competition.  It’ll be done in another 1,000 words or so.

The best part about Glimmer Train Press?  The rights revert back to you in one year after publication.  Let’s say I win.  But the winning story was part of my novel that is about four novels down the line.  I can always reuse the winning story again in my novel.  Or, if I was to write a bunch of short stories and want to publish them in a hardcover book, I could use my winning story from Glimmer Train.

Harper’s Magazine ( Seriously, it is Harper’s Magazine, people!  Do I need to explain why I would love to be in Harper’s?  Yes, this is the same Harper’s Magazine that was around in the 1800s.  Okay, so they don’t do contests, but maybe I can get a short story printed in Harper’s and then I’ll use that to get agents to read my query letter.  And, Harper’s has a query letter only for non-fiction!  Yep, I’ll be thinking of that perfect story for Harper’s Magazine.

Prairie Schooner ( This literary journal out of University of Nebraska is a great place to get short stories published.  They also have a novel contest.  (Yep, I’m thinking about entering.)

The only problem is y’all might have to buy a bunch of literary mags in order to read my published works.  Then again, y’all are planning on buying my novels when they come out.  Right?  So, just think of it as pre-buying training.  My confidence is back.  Let’s get this stuff published.

-Amanda Nicole


10 thoughts on “Literary Journals

  1. Wow, contest enteries! This sounds like a lot of work and dedication. I will look over the contest links you’ve posted and I will do a repost on my site, if this is okay. Who knows, someone else may find this info beneficial as well as get an introduction to your blog. Best of luck!

  2. I will happily buy any magazine/journal that you have a story in! Your plan to enter contests sounds like a great idea.

    Your Aunt Sandra had a short story published in a magazine about 10 or 15 years ago. It was one of those magazines that is at the checkout counter at the grocery store – recipes, cleaning tips, decorating, etc. It was a brand new magazine and I think she got in because thay hadn’t had many people submit stories yet. I don’t remember the name and it don’t think the magazine is still around. Anyway, you might keep an eye out for something like that. Not that I think that is your where you really want to be published, but it is a start. It was a one-page story (last page of the magazine) so it was really short but they paid her $500 for it.

    I’ve also seen some old fashioned country living type magazines that are upbeat/country/homemaker things that from what I remember have little or no advertising. Very much a niche market and not the kinds of things you are probably interested in writing but maybe a way to get published. Then again, maybe you don’t want to pigeon-holed into that genre.

    Keep up the good work!

    • I’d be willing to be published in anything that takes my type of writing. Money isn’t as important right now as getting my name out there. I’ll keep an eye out for other ways to get my stories out there.

  3. Amanda,

    Hi, long time no hear right? What can I say other than life just gets in the way! Anywho, I got a broken link notice on my site and while it doesn’t appear that I have one the particular blog post all I could come up with is when coming back to yours and sure enough the one for Prairie Schooner is no longer available. The main page link works, though. So all you need to do is modify the URL address. I hope things are going well for you. Have a good day. Your long lost blog friend! 😉

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