Do You Ever Agree to Do Too Much?

It never fails to amaze me how I take on too much.  Trying to break into writing is hard.  We added a baby and I decided I could watch Cheekies and write without a Mommy’s Assistant.  We lost Ammo, so I got a puppy.  My husband is being promoted and I agree to homemade cheesecakes and ice cream.  Homemade by me, of course.

Because I have nothing better to do with my day than spend the day working in a hot kitchen.  Making a mess when the mixer was at a higher speed than I wanted it because a baby pushed the lever.  (Eggs, sugar and cream cheese went all over the place along with whipped cream!)  Of course there were already Cheerios all over the floor.

I distinctly remember volunteering to make and decorate a sheet cake.  It would have taken less time over multiple days.  And Lumpy could have helped by watching Cheekies Assistant.  But, no, I agree to way more than I probably could handle.

Am I the only one who agrees to almost everything?  There has to be a twelve step program for people who agree to do too much.


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