Your Favorite Book at Age Six

It may only be April, but I’m working on my Christmas/Birthday gifts.  A bunch of my nieces have fall birthdays, so there is a lot of money spent after September 1.  Years ago I realized it was smarter to buy everything throughout the year.

Of course, I am the aunt who always buys books.  Because who can have too many books?  This was so easy when they were young.  I just grabbed a book and read it multiple times in the store.  If I could still stand it after the tenth time through, I got the book.  (After all, I might be reading the book a lot.)

Now they are old enough to read by themselves.  I am completely stuck.  It occurs to me that you, my reader, might have an idea about books for kids.

So, what did you love when you were six?  Leave your favorite book’s title in the comments below, along with why you loved the book.


2 thoughts on “Your Favorite Book at Age Six

  1. At six…Norma Jean the Jumping Bean. It was an easy reader, but I LOVED it! The pictures are marvelous! The author now writes the Tacky the Penguin “series” – my kids adore the silly penguin’s antics…the author is Helen Lester. The pictures are ADORABLE! If you are looking for longer books, I read “Ginger Pye” to my 6 yo, and he adored it – that is by Eleanor Estes – a classic! The Kate DiCamillo books are also a big hit. I don’t recall the name off the top of my head….but it involves a pig…she wrote the Tale of Desperaux, but that’s not the series I’m thinking of. Go look for it! It’s cute!

  2. My favorite book was one on dinosaurs. I still have it around the house here somewhere. You just need to find out what really interests them and then get an age appropriate book on that topic.

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