Why Should I Get a Fan Page

In one of those moments of stupidity I told a friend I would get a Facebook Fan Page when I had 40 people following my blog.  Obviously, I was not thinking that the number of followers would happen prior to me finding an agent.  Silly, I know, but I really don’t want to start a Facebook Fan Page until I have something published.  Kinda got this idea that a fan page is a little, um, “Look at me!  I’m really cool!”  Not that I am against everyone having fan pages for their blogs.  I’m not.

What I am against is me trying to act like I’m cool enough for people to want to “like” me.  I haven’t found an agent.  I haven’t been published in anything.  Okay, maybe if you want to count my blog, but I figure that doesn’t count.  I’m not even sure what I would call a Fan Page.  “Amanda’s Blog: A Writer’s Journey to being Published” is pretty much just the blog.  “Amanda Nicole Trisdale – Writer” is a bit premature.

Yep, I know Fan Pages bring you a whole new world of people to interact with.  Yep, I try to help my father-in-law run one for their vacation home.  (You should check it out:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Cuchara-CO/Spanish-Peaks-Lodge/138675534765)  Yep, if I was published I would probably have one.  But there is the kicker.  I’m pretty much just a blogger at the moment.  And a new blogger at that.  I think I should wait until I can claim I’m a full fledge writer, not just an aspiring novelist.

But, I am not one to go back on my word.  I hedged my bet.  I’m devious that way.  When said friend said I should get a Facebook Fan Page as I was starting my blog, I might have said “Sure, I’ll get a Fan Page when 40 people are following me on Twitter and the blog and say they want said Fan Page.”  Well, I’ve only got 18 followers on Twitter.  (You should be able to get to my Twitter feed by clicking http://twitter.com/antrisdale, if you want to see my Twitter feed.)  And I don’t remember seeing 40 people saying they’d like a Facebook Fan Page.

This is where y’all can help me out.  Ignore the comment section.  Don’t say a word about Facebook Fan Pages.  That way I can use your silence as why I am not getting one.  I love that idea.  Don’t you?

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I’ll return to writing topics tomorrow.

-Amanda Nicole


6 thoughts on “Why Should I Get a Fan Page

  1. Hi’ya Amanda…I really enjoy reading your posts…ok I won’t say “get a fanpage”…I feel like you do on the subject concerning my own “fan page” ..but I didn’t do one on my blog…I did it for my jewelry shop, and at times I feel “silly” for doing it…like I am a bigshot or something…lol…but I figure, whatever helps peeps find my store, which is my only income after disability payments, the better….so I *hope* you have a wonderful day!


    • Thanks for reading, Sherri! I must admit I am still shocked people are reading this blog. I agree that doing whatever it takes to get customers is a good idea.
      Have a wonderful day, too!

  2. I think you’re smart to wait. I did a FB page for my non-fiction anthology project and it’s really just sitting there. Not much point to it at all, but I’ll just leave it til I either sell or give up on that particular project. But for my personal writing? Writing that goes toward name-branding? Ah, no. No facebook page for a loooong time! 😉

    • Don’t give up, Debbie. If you give up it’ll be easier for me to give up. I really don’t feel like dealing with another FB page right now. One is quite enough, and it isn’t about me at all. Thanks for agreeing with me 🙂

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