Copyright Information

Stealing a writer’s work is absolutely horrible, immoral and illegal.  All of the blog posts take hours if not days and months to complete.  I have labored over every post.  Oh, and I’d like to make it as a real writer/novelist one day, so stealing my work would destroy my dreams.  You don’t want to destroy a girl’s dream, do you?

If you would like to repost part or all of my work, please consult me.  I just might let you repost as long as you are willing to give in to my demands of full credit, a trackback or link to the original post, and I might even post about your blog.

All photos inbedded in posts are mine.  Please do not use without prior permission.

ALL GRAPHIC ARTWORK ISN”T MINE!  (Bet you saw that one coming if you’ve been here before.)  The banner of this site is designed by artist Lisa Clark.

All content on this page is copyright 2010 to present by Amanda Nicole Trisdale.  Do not use without permission of the author.  Permission can be obtained by contacting Amanda Nicole at amanda(at)amandanicoletrisdale(dot)com.

Thanks for being understanding!

-Amanda Nicole Trisdale


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