Do You Ever Agree to Do Too Much?

It never fails to amaze me how I take on too much.  Trying to break into writing is hard.  We added a baby and I decided I could watch Cheekies and write without a Mommy’s Assistant.  We lost Ammo, so I got a puppy.  My husband is being promoted and I agree to homemade cheesecakes and ice cream.  Homemade by me, of course.

Because I have nothing better to do with my day than spend the day working in a hot kitchen.  Making a mess when the mixer was at a higher speed than I wanted it because a baby pushed the lever.  (Eggs, sugar and cream cheese went all over the place along with whipped cream!)  Of course there were already Cheerios all over the floor.

I distinctly remember volunteering to make and decorate a sheet cake.  It would have taken less time over multiple days.  And Lumpy could have helped by watching Cheekies Assistant.  But, no, I agree to way more than I probably could handle.

Am I the only one who agrees to almost everything?  There has to be a twelve step program for people who agree to do too much.


Champ and the Baby

Week Two with Champ is going along pretty well.  Our biggest problem is that Champ really likes Cheekies.  It got to the point we couldn’t set Cheekies on the ground.  The moment we did Champ would come over and try to play.  Obviously, this will be great when Cheekies is older, but it is a bad thing as a baby.
We went out and got a playpen.  It is big enough for a baby and a mommy to play on the floor.  The sides are taller than Champ can easily lift his leg.  (Champ doesn’t jump, so we don’t have that worry.)
I’m pretty sure that I can leave Cheekies alone in the playpen when she gets older.  Maybe I can get laundry done, or put the playpen in the kitchen so I can do dishes.  This should also give me piece of mind so I can write while the baby plays.

We shall see.

Stacking Cups

It turns out that stacking cups can be very therapeutic.  That is until the household destroyer knocks them over.  Sometimes I don’t even get the cups stacked before Cheekies knocks them over.  Yet, I keep stacking the cups.  I’ve gotten pretty good at stacking the cups really fast, really tall and color coordinating.  Besides, it’s almost fun every time Cheekies knocks them down and I restack the cups.
I figure this is like writing.  Just when you think you are nearing your dream of becoming published something comes along and knocks you down a few pegs.  But, you keep writing, getting better with each draft, each story, each query or contest.

New Time for Writing

The vet went well yesterday.  Jet has a new lump, but she’s healthy for an older dog.
When we got home Jet laid down and Cheekies began playing with her toys.  That’s when I realized something.  If I write on my phone I have more time to write.  I can write on the floor while playing.  After all, Cheekies is crawling to what toy she wants.  She can sit and entertain herself.  As long as I’m right beside her, Cheekies is fine.  I just can’t use my laptop because Cheekies is drawn to it like a moth to a flame.  Writing becomes gibberish when Cheekies helps.
This new found time to write is great.  I can’t wait to start a brand new short story.

Sick Day

Lumpy brought home a cold from the office.  I got it last week.  Yesterday Cheekies woke up coughing and sneezing.  It will probably shock you to learn I only got a story idea down on paper.  I really didn’t think that would shock anyone.  I’m going to try flushing the story out more tomorrow.  Today?  I was up most of the night, so if Cheekies will sleep I’m going to nap.
Does anyone else have troubles working with a sick baby?

Cheekies Is Interfering With Writing

Cheekies is having a couple of those days.  She is cranky and crying.  Nothing seems exciting to her, except Mama coming up with sing-song “poems.”
My poetry skills are horrible, especially without sleep.  Here’s a very pathetic example:
Baby, baby, baby.
Baby, that’s me!
Or this one:
I’m a little baby
I’m not short
And I’m not stout.
I don’t get all steamed up
But I can shout
You can’t tip me over
And pour me out.
See what I mean?  Children’s poems and stories will never be my genre.  Luckily, that isn’t what I want to write.
I am hoping today is better so I can write something more adultlike.

Cheekies’ New Trick

Someone has kept me a little busy.  She hasn’t quite gotten the whole “Push Self Up and Crawl” movement down yet.  It is more like “Push Up, Hop to Next Location.”  I’m not kidding.  Cheekies gets in a crawling position and next thing I know she’s hopping on all four.

Cheekies has learned how to do something even more terrifying than crawling.  A few weeks ago I caught Cheekies doing this.

Where was I when this event happened?  On the bed working on a short story.  Cheekies has this tendency to wake up and not cry for attention, so I spend naptime (when we have naptime) in the bedroom.  Cheekies enjoys slowly waking up.  Usually she is so quiet I realize she’s awake when I see this staring at me through the bars of the crib.

No crying.  No fussing.  Just big eyes staring at me as I type.  But the last few naps have ended with Cheekies standing in her crib, watching whatever old western I have on television.  I think this is going to interfere with my writing during naptime if I keep glancing over worried she’s gonna prop herself up on the side of her crib.

On the other hand, I see a great scene for a future story…

Six Months & Shots

Somehow Cheekies made it through her Six Month Exam on Wednesday.  I’m sure the entire staff fawning over the baby helped.  Until the shots.  Then there was nothing anyone could do to keep the Cheekies happy.

I had a teething, growing (she’s in the middle of a growth spurt), hurting baby who had a minor fever after her shots.  You can guess how the next couple of days went.  When Cheekies was awake she screamed her head off.  When Cheekies slept, she wanted to be held non-stop.  Writing?  Heck, I wasn’t even getting sleep.  Sleep would have been great, but I also wanted food.  Cheekies has never been as demanding as she was Wednesday to Saturday.  Of course, this would have to be one of those weeks when Lumpy was too busy with work to help.

It occurs to me that I could complain about the shots turning my sweet child into a cranky baby.  Shots are important, though.  This was also the first time after shots that Cheekies did badly with her shots.  (There is also a small possibility that one of the nurses who stuck Cheekies wasn’t used to sticking babies and may have accidently created a huge knot in Cheekies’ thigh.)  Oh well, Cheekies is now back to her happy(ish) teething self, and I got some sleep this weekend.  Now time to write and play mother at the same time.

Teething Part Two

These teeth have to break through at some point.  Really, they do.  The white is showing from two of Cheekies’ top teeth.
Our house is pretty much a den of crying.  Cheekies has even managed to wake herself with her tears.  It’s rather sad.
According to our Physician’s Assistant way back when people gave their children pain killers during teething.  You’re not supposed to give pain killers to children for a lot of reasons.  The Number One is that pain killers can be bad.  Oregel has been known to numb the throat to the point a person stops breathing.

So we’re stuck with the pain.  A new chew toy is on its way that will hopefully give us a bit of peace around here.  Writing while Cheekies cries in pain doesn’t work.

Teething Part One

Cheekies is at the tail end of getting her first two teeth.  At least we hope this is almost over.  She is cranky, even while sleeping.  Last night Cheekies kept me up by crying in her sleep

Writing?  That’s not happening currently.  It takes more brain power than I have.  This shall pass.  (Hopefully quickly, because I miss my happy baby.)