Sickle Cell, A Baby, A Puppy & In-Laws

The last week has been physically stressful.  I have Sickle Cell Disease.  Yes, last I checked Sickle Cell is a “black problem.”  And I’m pretty sure I’m white.  In reality calling Sickle Cell Disease a “black disease” is wrong.  More and more doctors are realizing that Sickle Cell doesn’t discriminate.  It is pretty equal opportunity.  But because it is considered “below white people” – or that is what I figure the problem is – doctors refused to diagnose me as a child.  I just had “severe” anemia.

Needless to say, now that I know what is killing me I go through life differently.  It amazes me most mornings when the sun comes up.  Having Cheekies?  That’s a miracle that was supposed to kill both of us.  (Actually getting pregnant was a miracle.)

But I admit things get hard.  Champ is a puppy, and when I have a flair up Champ can take a lot out of me.  Champ and Cheekies together can wear me out.  It means I need time to get well.  And there is where the problem comes in.

My wonderful in-laws have one grandkid; Cheekies.  To make it worse we are 700+ miles from the in-laws.  My mother-in-law has spent years hoping for a grandchild.  Which means every time I turn around she’s calling with great news.  “We want to come for a visit.”  Of course, I usually say “Sure, why not.”  After all, Cheekies is their grandchild.  It doesn’t matter how sick I am.  It didn’t matter last weekend that the world spun every single time I stood.  I still let them come.

You can guess what happened.  The in-laws had a great time with Cheekies.  They spent so much time here we didn’t eat lunch.  (Which is a huge problem when your body can’t produce hemoglobin.)  After they left I was ready to collapse, but Lumpy needed a nap.  Being a woman I let Lumpy recharge Sunday.  After all, Lumpy has to work.

And that’s when things went from bad to really bad.  By Tuesday my blood pressure was so law it wasn’t funny.  I couldn’t stand and I’m pretty sure I fainted while letting Champ out at 2:00 in the morning.  At least I think I fainted.  The world went gray and I woke up with my nose on the floor.

Lumpy took yesterday off.  He said something about not trusting me.  A day in bed was extremely useful.  My hemoglobin is still low, but my body had 24 hours of repair time.  Did I get any writing done?  Nope, I could barely put together two syllables to form words.  But I should get some done today while Cheekies nap.


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