Champ and the Baby

Week Two with Champ is going along pretty well.  Our biggest problem is that Champ really likes Cheekies.  It got to the point we couldn’t set Cheekies on the ground.  The moment we did Champ would come over and try to play.  Obviously, this will be great when Cheekies is older, but it is a bad thing as a baby.
We went out and got a playpen.  It is big enough for a baby and a mommy to play on the floor.  The sides are taller than Champ can easily lift his leg.  (Champ doesn’t jump, so we don’t have that worry.)
I’m pretty sure that I can leave Cheekies alone in the playpen when she gets older.  Maybe I can get laundry done, or put the playpen in the kitchen so I can do dishes.  This should also give me piece of mind so I can write while the baby plays.

We shall see.


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