Timeline, Facebook, and My Fan Page

Alright, who is excited about the new Timeline format for Brands on Facebook?  I know I am thrilled.  I mentioned Friday that I’ve been busy fixing everything so it will be just right.  Well, let me give you a little tour of the new Amanda Nicole Trisdale Fan Page.

You’ll notice a banner now, along with a picture of me.  Before you ask, no, the picture isn’t in public domain.  It is a copyrighted picture.  No, I’m not going to get in trouble because I took the picture.  Anywho, I thought that it sums up what this blog and my fan page are all about; a journey.

You will also notice that everything isn’t in a list format.  There are now two columns.  If there is a post I really like, it’ll be pinned to the top of the page.  Say, if I win a contest or if I finally land an agent.  The post will be on the top of the page where you can’t miss it.

You can easily see the big milestones along this journey.  They are all over in the timeline selection.  I am slowly filling in all the important dates.  Going forward, all the dates – like when I enter a contest and when I query agents – will be added to the timeline.

Are there any other features you see that you didn’t know about?  What are your thoughts on the new format?

I’ll keep you informed of more changes.  Right now, I’m on vacation and my husband says I should get back to playing with my family.


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