Vet Visit Today

If you’ve been around a while you might recall we lost one of our two dogs last year.  It was a sudden loss due to a horrific drug reaction.  Obviously, we all took it hard.  Well, maybe not Cheekies, but she’s young.
Shortly after Ammo’s death our mutt, Jet, put herself on a diet.  Jet was upset and eating wasn’t really her thing.  She’s a bit pudgy, so the vet said we should let Jet just eat what she wanted.
And don’t you know that’s when it happened.  I was petting Jet one fine December day when I felt a lump the size of my fist.  Needless to say, I freaked.  I called the vet in minor terror that I had another dying dog.  The vet very calmly ordered me to come in right away.
This is when I learned about benign fatty tumors that can be fatal.  The tumor is behind her leg, pressing on her ribs and a joint.  But, due to her age – Jet is almost ten – removing the tumor is risky.
Instead we’re doing quarterly vet visits.  This morning Cheekies, Jet and I are headed to the vet.  A few tests should show that the tumor hasn’t gotten any bigger.  And I really think my dog hates me after these visits.  But, that is another story.


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