Cheekies’ New Trick

Someone has kept me a little busy.  She hasn’t quite gotten the whole “Push Self Up and Crawl” movement down yet.  It is more like “Push Up, Hop to Next Location.”  I’m not kidding.  Cheekies gets in a crawling position and next thing I know she’s hopping on all four.

Cheekies has learned how to do something even more terrifying than crawling.  A few weeks ago I caught Cheekies doing this.

Where was I when this event happened?  On the bed working on a short story.  Cheekies has this tendency to wake up and not cry for attention, so I spend naptime (when we have naptime) in the bedroom.  Cheekies enjoys slowly waking up.  Usually she is so quiet I realize she’s awake when I see this staring at me through the bars of the crib.

No crying.  No fussing.  Just big eyes staring at me as I type.  But the last few naps have ended with Cheekies standing in her crib, watching whatever old western I have on television.  I think this is going to interfere with my writing during naptime if I keep glancing over worried she’s gonna prop herself up on the side of her crib.

On the other hand, I see a great scene for a future story…


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