Six Months & Shots

Somehow Cheekies made it through her Six Month Exam on Wednesday.  I’m sure the entire staff fawning over the baby helped.  Until the shots.  Then there was nothing anyone could do to keep the Cheekies happy.

I had a teething, growing (she’s in the middle of a growth spurt), hurting baby who had a minor fever after her shots.  You can guess how the next couple of days went.  When Cheekies was awake she screamed her head off.  When Cheekies slept, she wanted to be held non-stop.  Writing?  Heck, I wasn’t even getting sleep.  Sleep would have been great, but I also wanted food.  Cheekies has never been as demanding as she was Wednesday to Saturday.  Of course, this would have to be one of those weeks when Lumpy was too busy with work to help.

It occurs to me that I could complain about the shots turning my sweet child into a cranky baby.  Shots are important, though.  This was also the first time after shots that Cheekies did badly with her shots.  (There is also a small possibility that one of the nurses who stuck Cheekies wasn’t used to sticking babies and may have accidently created a huge knot in Cheekies’ thigh.)  Oh well, Cheekies is now back to her happy(ish) teething self, and I got some sleep this weekend.  Now time to write and play mother at the same time.


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