Teething Part One

Cheekies is at the tail end of getting her first two teeth.  At least we hope this is almost over.  She is cranky, even while sleeping.  Last night Cheekies kept me up by crying in her sleep

Writing?  That’s not happening currently.  It takes more brain power than I have.  This shall pass.  (Hopefully quickly, because I miss my happy baby.)


2 thoughts on “Teething Part One

  1. It’s interesting how I can’t remember ours fussing during this stage, but I know they had to have. Perhaps, God or age has pushed this from my brain. I will tell most of the first year after Brit’s birth I can only recollect bits & pieces. Sleep deprivation erased those early memories. I hope through your blog journal you can hold on to precious, lost time better than me.

    • I think either parents are too tired to remember or Cheekies and her little friends are crankier than other babies. Thanks for the support, Cathy, even if I’m too tired to respond;)

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