New Schedule for Writing

Finding time to write isn’t very easy with a baby in the house.  Cheekies needs lots of attention.  Lots!  When she finally goes down for a nap – if she takes a nap – I always find chores to do.  Over the last few months I’ve spent more time doing housework and caring for a baby than taking care of myself.  This led to a full-blown argument between Lumpy and me.  You can pretty much guess how it went.  He gets to go to work – I had to give up my fulltime job in politics because of the Cheekies – and I have to stay at home with the baby all day long.  By time he gets home in the evening I’m at my wit’s end dealing with a cranky baby, and he is too tired from work to help much.  All I wanted was enough time to write every now and then.

Luckily, at the end of our argument Lumpy saw the issue.  The new plan is he will watch Cheekies when he comes home from work so I can relax for a few moments.  On the weekends I will watch Cheekies in the morning while Lumpy is studying for his master’s degree.  In the afternoons I get to write.  This should work.  (Fingers crossed.)



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