New Direction for the Blog

I have decided to do some changes to the blog.  It will still be about my journey in life.  Hopefully, that journey still ends as a published author.  The only thing is that journey has found some new stumbling blocks.  The biggest stumbling block is my baby girl, Cheekies.  (Yes, that really is her nickname that her Daddy gave her.  Some day in the future there will be one very upset teen girl whining “Daddy!” as he calls her Cheekies in front of a boy.)

There is also the fact my husband, Lumpy (his former call-sign), is now an officer and going to graduate school fulltime.  Formerly, he was an NCO (non-commissioned officer) and only going to undergraduate course for his job.  Now, there is the actual job (which I really don’t know what it is) and graduate coursework.

So, this leaves me with a five month old baby, a house to keep up by myself, a dream I don’t want to let die, and a husband who is a bit busy.  I realized this is all part of the journey, too.  That means I am going partially mom-blog for the next few years.  The writing is still going to happen, but there will be more about the things keeping me from writing.  Not too much gross stuff like “Baby made a poopy.”  Because who really cares about that?  More of things like “By time the baby went down for her nap, hubby walked in the door wondering where supper was, and I still haven’t had a moment to edit a single word today!”  Hopefully, a few of you will still follow along.


2 thoughts on “New Direction for the Blog

  1. You can always count on me to be your loyal follower, through thick & thin. Our roles have a way of shifting, but keeping our dreams through variou means is doable. I believe your new direction will be worth everyone’s attention.:D

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