A Family Loss

It seems taking my greyhound in for arthritis medication was a bad idea.  One of the rarely seen side effects of the medication is heart failure.  Over the last thirteen days we thought Ammo was suffering from a different side effect; an upset stomach.  Yesterday the vet delivered the bad news.  Ammo’s heart was about to give out.  In thirteen days it went from normal to severely enlarged.  His lungs filled with fluids almost overnight.  Ammo tried fighting, but he finally had no more strength.

We decided as a family it was time to put Ammo down.  At the vet, before the procedure could be started, Ammo held his front leg up for one more tummy rub.  Then he laid down his head and passed away.  No drugs involved.  With my husband, the baby and me right beside Ammo.  The vet and his staff made Ammo as comfortable as possible in those final minutes.

It hasn’t been an easy couple of weeks on the family, or the staff at the vet clinic.  But, the holidays do go on.  Starting tomorrow I’ll post the Annual Holiday Short Stories.  I apologize for not posting any last week, but we spent every day at the vet’s trying our hardest to save Ammo’s life.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ammo Bathing the Baby
Ammo and the baby on 14 November 2011

One thought on “A Family Loss

  1. Pets are apart of the family,and it’s never easy to let one go. I know you and Jacob have fond memories of Ammo. In time, Leta will look back on baby photos to see the family’s beloved pet with her and she’ll smile. I’m sorry for your loss, really I am! My prayers are with you.

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