A Dog, A Baby and a Concussion

Thursday was a very packed day. It all started with bundling the baby up and dragging one of the dogs to the vet. Ammo, the greyhound, hates the vet. It takes a lot to drag, prod, and push the old pup into the building. I kid you not that Ammo literally stops at the steps leading to the door of the vet. (Who the heck puts steps in front of a vet’s office? My dog can’t be the only large dog that hates the vet.)
Anywho, we got the arthritis medication and Ammo’s yearly vaccines. The vet put Ammo into the back of my Durango. I ran by Starbucks since I figured I deserved a treat. And then it happened. As I was getting Ammo out of the Durango he scrapped his leg just a bit. Right after they put Ammo on an NSAID. (Aka a blood thinner!) At the same time the back door of the Durango fell closed on my head. Hurt doggy. Hurt mommy.
I loaded both the baby and Ammo back up, and back to the vet we went. The vet looked at the cut and said it wasn’t a big deal. Ammo would survive. Back home we went. Getting out of the Durango there was another incident. The door is extremely heavy on one’s skull. (Which might be why my skull cracked.) And the arthritic old dog somehow got a huge scrap on his leg. Okay, not huge. It was just 3”x2”. Small little thing. Luckily my husband was almost home. He took Ammo back to the vet (Round Three) while I suffered through a headache.
Ammo is fine. The arthritis medication has him running and bouncing like an adult greyhound. Sadly, my head can’t say the same thing. The headache has progressed. The blurred vision is a blast. (Really, not so much.) Due to getting progressively worse, my husband won’t let me take care of the baby. Which means I had plenty of time to write. Thankfully, the rules of NaNoWriMo say nothing about being choherent while writing! I’ve got over 10,000 words written at the moment. I can’t add 2+2 at the moment, but I can write things on the computer. Next week when my head isn’t so cracked we’ll see how much of the novel is worth saving.


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