Remember Your Amanda’s Blog Holiday Short Stories Submissions!

The weather has turned cooler here in Southern New Mexico.  That means a lot of things, but the one I hate the most is it means the greyhound’s arthritis gets bad.  Today the greyhound, the baby and I are headed to the vet.  This is the first time I’ve taken one of the dogs out with the baby.  We’ll see how this goes.  Fingers crossed that it goes pretty well.

Speaking of things you know will happen when the weather turns cooler – or colder if you live somewhere you actually get winter – it is almost time for the Annual Amanda’s Blog’s Holiday Short Story postings.  Submissions are opened.  I already have one submission.  There’s still room for more stories.  Just send me your stories  Come on, you know you want to submit a short story for the Holiday Short Stories.

What are the rules?  Did I fail to mention those here?  Well let me give you a quick overview.  (The full rules are located on the blog at

Submissions are opened until November 20, 2011.

You don’t get paid for your submission.  (Sorry, but I don’t make any money on the blog.)

Submissions can be anywhere from 500-3,500 words.

You can submit previously published material as long as you own the rights.

You keep the rights to your story.

You can link back to your blog in the author by-line.

It can be for any winter holiday.

Even if you don’t usually write stories, you should try writing one for Amanda’s Blog’s Annual Holiday Short Stories.

I’ll be impatiently waiting for your submissions.


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