NaNoWriMo Weekend One Update

This weekend was hectic.  Besides NaNoWriMo I’ve got to get ready for the holidays.  This year that includes the baby.  Our family Christmas Portrait Session – held at home by me because I’m too cheap to get one done professionally – was proof that life has changed.

It started out fairly normal.  I spent an hour cleaning the never used fireplace and the area in front of the fireplace.  The cute little Christmas trees I bought at Hobby Lobby were decorated and placed on either side of the glass.  I scrubbed the baby clean.  I got her into a cute little outfit, ignoring the crying.  (Why is it that the pretty baby outfits are all made out of the stiffest fabric that even I wouldn’t wear?)  Somehow, I got my husband dressed (including socks) and shaved.  Everything was kinda going to plan.  Well, except the baby crying.

The camera was quickly set up.  The dogs were called over.  Everything was almost perfect.  Except, this is how the first few pictures turned out.  That is the greyhound who doesn’t exactly listen to orders.

You can guess how well the rest of the session went.  We finally got one picture where you can see the entire family.  It looked like organized chaos, but it worked.  I spent a few hours editing the portrait.  It was great.  The cool little “Merry Chaos” was added.  I was ready to upload the picture to the printer’s site and order my Christmas cards.

Except, the printer’s site was down!  (Not the right time of year for this problem if you ask me.)  Seriously?  This wasn’t helpful.  Instead of writing I spent hours trying over and over again to get my pictures uploaded.  Urg!  It didn’t work until Monday morning!

On top of all of that I was putting the finishing touches on my husband’s grandmother’s 90th birthday present.  The party is right after Thanksgiving, but this weekend was my last chance to work on the flower basket and bunny rabbit.  The bunny became a gingerbread person when my husband mentioned I forgot the ears!  Minor issue.  Oh well, the gingerbread person looks cute.  I’m not sure the baby is gonna let the flowers out of her sight.  She keeps staring at the basket.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much work done on the novel.  I’ll get serious this week while the baby is napping.  Hope everyone else is doing better with their novels.


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