NaNoWriMo: Day Three

My leading lady now has a name; Leda.  It’s an Antiquities Greek name.  You might have heard of Leda and the Swan.  Leda was a beautiful maiden who Zeus thought would make a great mistress.  (Really, was there a woman Zeus didn’t fall for in the myths?)  Anywho, Zeus never seemed willing to show himself to the women he seduced, and Leda was no different.  Zeus shows up in the form of a swan.  Leda has relations with both Zeus and her husband on the same night, giving birth to four children.  Two were mortal.  Two were not.  Leda’s daughter is probably who you know better; Helen of Troy.  Yep, that’s her girl.  In Roman translations of the myths and the Iliad Leda becomes Lelita.  That quickly became Leta, a common name for girls in Antiquities Rome.

History of the name aside, I just felt that Leda was the perfect name for my latest leading lady.  It’s unique and mysterious.  You don’t go “I know exactly what a Leda should be like” when you hear the name.  It allows me a blank slate for her personality.  Perfect for a wannabe writer.

The storyline has somehow come together.  I know what Leda is gonna do in this novel.  It’s a bit of intrigue, mixed with learning that she really needs her family and loves her home.  So far I have 2,500 words written.  Let’s see how many more I can get before the end of the week.


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