I’ve Got Writer’s Block And I’m Blaming the Baby

It happened last week.  I had writer’s block.  The worst writer’s block I’ve ever had in my life.  There are those who claim you can’t have writer’s block.  Yeah, I couldn’t even write emails, let alone work on manuscripts.  Seriously, I couldn’t put together enough words for a sentence.  People were lucky if my emails looked like text messages.

Writing a blog post?  That wasn’t happening.  Working on my query letter?  Every agent who got that letter would have placed it in the slush pile immediately.  The only words I thought went together were “Amanda Nicole Trisdale,” and I wasn’t sure that was right.

The manuscripts stayed open on my laptop.  I couldn’t even read the words.  Seriously, the words didn’t really make sense.  It might have been my writing.  Then again, it seems that anything I read didn’t make sense.  Newspaper articles?  Not really sure what they said.  Books?  Even books I’ve downloaded off Audible were just mumble jumble.

In other news, my very sweet little baby has a tummy issue.  It’s either reflux or her stomach wasn’t properly installed.  The pediatrician is leaning towards the latter.  Because of the tummy issue feeding time is funky.  She takes two ounces of formula and then has a fifteen minute break before eating another two ounces.  After that, she has to be propped up for at least an hour.  She really should be propped from the time she finished until the time she starts again.  You can guess what this did to my sleeping pattern last week.  The pediatrician said I couldn’t sleep with the baby in the swing or while I held her.  Okay, when was I supposed to sleep?  I’ve decided that I can sorta sleep with the baby sleeping on me.  Amazingly, sleep (even a small amount) helps with writer’s block.

I’m just gonna go with a lack of sleep as my excuse.  Hopefully we’ve figured out how things work enough that I can deal with a baby and write at the same time.


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