September’s Plans

I figured I should let everyone know where I am with my agent search.  I have officially been rejected or closed out all outstanding queries.  That means between rejections and no responses my manuscript has been rejected twenty-eight times.  It’s not a lot, but as a few came in while I was at the hospital it felt like a lot.

Because I was so sick in July and August I didn’t send any queries out to agent.  While sick in July I came up with a new idea for a prequel.  In the hospital that prequel became two separate books; one from Alexandria’s point of view and one from Peter’s view.  Both books slightly changed some of the stuff in my manuscript I was shopping around.  (This is why I need an agent.  That way I’ll stop messing with manuscripts at some point.)

The changes make the book more believable.  But, I figured it’d be a great idea to finish Prequel A and Prequel B before I submit The Manuscript to another agent.  Okay, before I query again.  The changes also bring the bad guy of the series into The Manuscript a bit more.  If I can stay focused, the changes should be done within the month.  Fingers crossed.

So, that’s this month’s plan.  Finish the two prequels and revise the manuscript.



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