Entering Another Contest

Due to my extremely bad health at the end of July, I didn’t enter the July Glimmer Train Press contest.  All of that hard work crafting a story under 3,000 words was sort of wasted.  Okay, not wasted, but it felt like that at the beginning of August.  July and August are different competitions.

July is for very short stories.  The submission was limited to three thousand words.  I’m a bit wordy, so it was a challenge for me.  Three thousand words isn’t a lot when one needs to set the scene and drag the reader along for a story.  I finally decided I would do a one-scene story.  Luckily for me, the story was completed by mid-July.  (That’s when I got really sick.)  The story sat as it waited for its journey to the competition.  That was before I got really sick with the pregnancy.  I never sent the story in, and the next Glimmer Train Press Very Short Story Contest is in January.

For a bit I thought I’d have to wait until January.  August’s competition is New Authors.  The good news is it is limited to authors who have never been published.  The even better news is that is the only restriction for August.  It hit me on Monday that the story I worked on for July could be used in August.  Great!  Wonderful!

It felt great yesterday as I did some last minute revisions.  Just polishing.  Nothing big.  But there were a few times in July and the first week of August when I wasn’t sure I’d write again.  The simple act of revising something for a contest was actually kinda fun after all I’ve been through.

The piece is now on its way to Glimmer Train Press.  The contest ends today.  The results should be out October 30th.  Now time to write a submission for the September contest, which is for Open Fiction.  (I guess my story would work for next month, too.)  The rules for next month’s contest are just a short story between two thousand and twenty thousand words.  Hum?  I can be wordy.  Off to write while the baby sleeps on my chest.


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