Almost Dying & Manuscripts

There were a few perks with my horrible labor and delivery.  One of which was firsthand knowledge and feelings of almost dying.  Yeah, that’s probably an overstatement.  I didn’t almost die, thankfully.  I just had a really bad experience.  First, my heart decided that beating was optional.  Or at least that beating at a normal rate was optional.  During labor my heart rate went well below “dying” range.  Strangely, I stayed conscious and could interact with those around me.  It’s weird when your heart only beats around thirty-five beats a minute.

Secondly, my oxygen level dropped below “dying” range.  Another one of those strange things happens when the medical community is convinced the equipment has malfunctioned only to realize you really are having issues.  Then there was that whole issue with the fact the baby refused to come.  She should have been born on August 6th, but the cord was wrapped so tightly around her neck she couldn’t move through the birth canal.  A few days after I gave birth I joked with one of the stupid OB/GYNs that I felt like Queen Jane.  (Aka Henry VIII’s third wife who died after giving birth.)  The OB/GYN didn’t crack a smile when he said “It’s a good thing medicine has progressed since then.”  Um, did I mention it was a joke?  As in there should have been laughter?  Not agreeing with me!

I got asked if they could only save me or the baby which would I prefer.  First off, all the books and movies have the husband answering that question.  (In the midwife’s defense, she did ask my husband at the very end if he wanted to override my decision when I was too drugged to argue.)  Secondly, exactly how am I supposed to answer that question?  Needless to say, I chose the baby.  Hello?  I’d just gone through multiple months of “dying.”  There was gonna be a baby so those months were worth something.  (Thank God for Benadryl, which counteracted my immune system long enough for me to get a few minutes of pain killers when the pain sent me into shock.)

It also seems that new mothers usually go home the day they give birth.  On the other hand, I pretty much conned the doctors into signing me out after five days.  It is amazing what you can do when you lie.  Like I was gonna tell them the truth about how I felt.  Five days in the hospital is long enough for me.  At least they let my baby go on the same day, even if we came home with a few extra pieces of equipment.  (Did I mention the baby is premature?  We induced early because my body gave up at the end.)

Anywho, I had written about a bad pregnancy in one of my stories.  That was well before the whole bad pregnancy.  Going through labor and delivery gave me a new perspective on the whole dying/almost dying thing.  I think I need to rewrite part of the manuscript.  The firsthand experience should make the scene more lifelike.  Now time to do a rewrite.


2 thoughts on “Almost Dying & Manuscripts

  1. Wow, your experiences definitely will help you in your writing. I just can’t imagine what you went through. God was so awesome, though. It’s so wonderful that you were given this precious gift – a little girl and despite all your complications, you bet them! I know you’re glad to get off that rollercoaster ride and enjoy motherhood. God bless you,dearie!

    • Extremely glad that it’s over with. I love the new little one, but I never want to go through that again. But, I figured I’d find the silver lining in the clouds. This will help with at least a few scenes in the stories.

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