I’m Back After the Baby

I’m back.  The last couple of months have been pretty horrible.  Between my health and the rejection emails piling up, I couldn’t bring myself to blog.  Okay, it was more my health than the rejection letters.  The rejection letters convinced me that I wanted – no, that I needed – to work on my manuscript.  While my health interfered, I managed to rewrite parts of the manuscript.  I also began two more manuscripts.  Plus, I started and finished a couple of short stories for competitions.

After spending a few months extremely sick because I was pregnant, I gave birth in early August to a beautiful baby girl.  I was induced, and in labor for over three days.  (Not much fun, in case you are wondering.)  “Delivery” was all of five minutes, a lot of blood loss on my end, and one very blue and purple baby who wasn’t breathing was the result.  Thankfully, after the cord was removed from her neck, and CPR was performed, there was a very small little cry.  Not bad for a thirty-six (almost thirty-seven) gestational week baby.  The baby is fine, now.  She recovered a lot quicker than I have.  I’m still on bed rest, and now under the care of my general practitioner.  (My general practitioner is smarter than the OB/GYN doctors, if you remember how stupid those doctors were.)

With my general practitioner’s permission, I am back blogging!  (She had me pretty much sleeping for the last three weeks.)  Now that I’m back, this should get fun.  Like I said earlier, I have a couple of new short stories for Glimmer Train Press’ monthly contests.  The baby is extremely easy at the moment.  All she wants is me to just lean back and place her against my torso.  Oh, and change her when she’s wet, and feed her.  (Yes, the little one cries when she’s wet.  That includes bathtime.)  I’ve redone the manuscript, and I’ll send out queries again soon.

Life is slowly going back to normal.  Hopefully that normal doesn’t include lots of rejection letters.  Let’s have a new normal with lots of requests for more materials.


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