No Calories Means I’m Cool!

I’ve decided there is something good about the diet I’m on at the moment.  Since I’m not getting enough calories for me – let alone the baby – in a single day, I don’t have many to burn.  The way the human body works means the baby gets what she needs first.  Then I burn the rest of the calories off while doing aerobics.  (And then some!)   Well, since it’s summer in Southern New Mexico I thought I’d be hot.  Really, really, really hot as the temps went above 100F.

Funny thing, but calories help you control your body temperature.  And without the calories I am completely freezing!  Even when our air conditioning went out it was the dogs that alerted me to the heat.  It was my husband who went “you’re suffering heat sickness!  More water and ice!”  No calories means I’m nice and cool.  Maybe that’s why the doctors put me on this diet.

Diet and freezing during 100F+ weather aside, I’ve had a bit of luck with this month’s short story.  There is a great chance that I’ve figured out my opening and closing for the story!  This is wonderful news for me.  I might actually have this one polished before the end of the month.  That would be great, especially since I’d really, really like to get a head start on August’s story.  Something about a baby in August…

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be ready for another day of editing.  I’ll let y’all know when it’s finished!


One thought on “No Calories Means I’m Cool!

  1. How interesting about your diet controlling your body’s temperature. I hadn’t thought about this, but I severely restricted my caloric intake (on purpose) to jump start my metabolism, which worked by the way, and I lost the weight like I wanted. I, too, noticed I was colder when everyone else was fine with the AC running. I briefly thought perhaps my extreme dieting could be the culprit, but then again, I thought it was my crazy hormones or maybe it was both. I’m keeping you in my thoughts & prayers, dear! Oh…great news regarding your story. Best of luck to ya!

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