July Short Story Update

Good news!  I think I can make this one-scene less than 3,000 words story work!  I’ve got the story plotted.  It could use a bit of fluffing, but at the moment it is 2,500 words!  One scene and 2,500 words.  The gasp of shock you hear is BR’s shock that I can write something that short.

I’m not sure I like how I opened the story.  I think it starts a little slow.  But, I’ve gotta set the scene.  The good thing is I have plenty of time to tweak the opening between now and July 31st.  Actually, I think I’ll spend today working on the first three paragraphs.  (Yes, it is three paragraphs that annoy me.)  The ending needs tidying up, too.  I think I like how I’ve ended the story.  I just need to make sure it works.

One of the interesting things about this story is that one of the pivotal characters doesn’t actually speak.  He does mouth words at one point, but we never really hear his voice.  It’s an intriguing idea that just sorta happened as I wrote the piece.

Do I think I’ll win this month?  Not a chance only because I’m that new to very short stories.  I do think this story has potential.  Hopefully, it will be good enough that it won’t crash and burn during the competition.


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