July Plans

My July plans look a lot like my June plans.  (Yes, I’m ignoring the fact I’m still sick.)  This month’s Glimmer Train Press’ competition is Very Short Story.  I hate writing very short stories.  This one must be under 3,000 words.  When I’m healthy I am very wordy.  Very, very, very wordy as y’all know.  And when I’m sick I can’t string two words together really, so I’ve got an issue.  But, when have I ever backed down from a challenge?

Just 3,000 words to form an entire story.  A mere eleven pages or so.  That’s not a lot of time for a story.  I can think of a thousand things that I could write about.  But in 3,000 words?  That’s like tossing a stone in the lake and expecting a huge splash.  Yep, not really that easy.

I do have an idea, though.  I think it just might work.  The question is if I can keep it to just 3,000 words.  A one-scene story might just work.  If I can tweak this idea just right as a one-scene story it should work.  The question is if a one-scene story can be a complete story.  Well, if I can get a one-scene story to work with my writing style.  Any way you look at it, this is a challenge.  A really short 3,000 word story written by wordy me, plus there is the whole writing a story.

July shall be interesting with the story.  My rough draft should be done by the end of the week.  Actually, I really should have it done by the end of tomorrow.  It’s just 3,000 words.  That’s a day of typing.  Then I can work on the first draft, polishing the theme.  If I’m gonna get the story done this month, I should be on Draft Four by Saturday.

The biggest stumbling block will be the word limit.  Let’s see how this goes.  Tomorrow I should have an update since it’s such a short story this month.

If you’re interested in this month’s competition, feel free to check out the full rules.  You can find them at http://www.glimmertrain.com/vershorficaw1.html, the official Glimmer Train Press website.

Oh, and update on the A/C issue.  (And me being sick due to heat!)  The A/C repair guy got our unit completely fixed yesterday.  He showed up late morning with the right motor.  (Because if anything goes out on an A/C unit you want the motor going out in the summer!)  Anywho, it is now cooler in my house than outside.  Yes!  Not only am I thrilled, but I’ve got two dogs who are excited.  I know this because my black, furry mutt has positioned herself right under one of the air ducts.  There’s a little curl to her lips.  The greyhound has commandeered the end of the sofa that happens to be under one of the living room air ducts.  We’ll enjoy the cool air for the rest of the summer.


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