Sick Over the Weekend

This past weekend my family showed up for a visit.  That was all well and good until my A/C went out Saturday.  It’s summertime in the Southwest.  And it is slightly hot.  And my idea of dealing with the lack of A/C was going shopping.  At the Plaza.  In the afternoon heat.  Without A/C, because the world isn’t air conditioned.  Somehow, I got heat sickness.  Usually, I can fix that on my own.

The twist?  Almost everything I’d usually do isn’t on the new diet.  No Gatorade or anything with electrolytes.  No sodas, so no club soda.  (We’ve got really, really hard water, which my stomach doesn’t like when I’m sick.)  No saltine crackers.  No dry toast.  I can eat veggies and some meats.  That’s not what a stomach wants when it’s sick.  I called the OB/GYN clinic, and they just suggested I didn’t eat until I felt better.  (Because not eating while pregnant is usually a great idea.)

I did manage to work out once Sunday, and twice yesterday.  It wasn’t exactly the best workout I’ve done.  Stopping every few minutes because you’re sick probably doesn’t help anything.  My temperature went up and up.  (It maxed out at 103F.)  Even broth wasn’t my friend.  Yet, I got the aerobics in for the OB/GYN and took my blood sugar.  Which it turns out isn’t true because your pancreas sends out glucose whenever it thinks the stomach has gone to work.  (Um, yeah, the pancreas needs a lesson about being sick.)

Oh well, I’m still alive.  I’m late on the blog today, but I’m alive.  Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be better, or on the road to recovery.  If not, I’m gonna yell at the OB/GYNs.  (Yeah, I’m hormonal at the moment.  Being sick makes me cranky.  A double whammy for the doctors.  And all I want is one day of things that’ll make me feel better.)

I promise I’ll figure this out and get back to blogging tomorrow.  Tomorrow I’ll discuss my writing plans for the month.  Until then, I’ll be sleeping, doing aerobics, and not eating.


2 thoughts on “Sick Over the Weekend

  1. So… sometimes I ask myself why I read your blog because I usually end up ticked off at your doctors. They probably know more than me, but none of the advice they give you is anything I’ve ever heard a pregnant woman being told. Have you ever thought about changing docs, or at least getting a second opinion?

    • So, I’m not crazy thinking this is weird? You just made me feel way better, Heather. I’m almost thinking of lying to the doctors.

      They keep telling my husband it’s because I’m a first time mother and don’t know anything. Too bad they have my husband’s full support because “They went to medical school, and you didn’t.” (In his defense, he’s worried about my health and doesn’t know what to do other than listen to the doctors.) The problem with getting a second opinion or changing doctors also falls with the insurance company. Supposedly, this is the best clinic in town. Therefore, the insurance company said I’ve gotta go with these guys/gals. Just a couple more months if I deliver on time.

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