Competition Piece Done!

The diet is going great.  So far I’ve lost around twenty pounds.  (Let’s see what the doctor says on Wednesday about their diet and my weight loss.)  I’m only slightly hungry, and I’ve gotten used to the three hour-long work outs a day.  (Once after breakfast, once before lunch and once before supper.)

The worse thing is since I exercise about an hour, eat, have about an hour, have small deal of parsley for a snack, wait two hours and do it all again I don’t have time to do much else.  Needless to say, that means I started thinking about the book.  And I decided that in case I can’t get the manuscript sold, I could just redo the book.  From there I started redoing the book.

That’s where I ran into trouble.  I came up with a whole new way to approach the idea.  It doesn’t change the later books, just the first book.  In fact, I have started a nice little prequel to the first book.  So far, I’ve got about fifty pages.  (I started Friday.)  Not too shabby.

Today I’m taking a break so I can work on the finishing touches of my June submission for Glimmer Train Press.  Tomorrow I’ll go back and work on the new book.  In between I’ll be busy with the diet and exercising.



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