Lack of Food is a Distraction

My nieces are down for the summer, and this adds to my crazy life.  Not only do I have two girls under seven that are related to me, but I’ve got the neighbor kids over, too.  Have you tried writing while there are kids running around and screaming?  Or take your blood sugar with four kids insisting they should control the monitor?  While on a no-carbs diet?  With limited veggies?  And supposed heartburn?  (I wasn’t aware heartburn is a muscle pain, but I’m not a doctor.)

It turns out it is hard writing with all of that going on.  I’d love to blame it on the kids screaming.  That would make sense.  But, my stomach hurts from the lack of food.  I can have half a bagel or English Muffin for breakfast, plus a glass of milk.  Three hours later I can have a half cup of veggies.  Then I can have half a sandwich for lunch.  Three hours later I can have more veggies.  And then a small supper of less than 30 carbs.  That’s barely enough for me, let alone a fetus and me!  The nurse at the county clinic suggested I add peanut butter to the veggies.  Only one minor issue with that idea.  I’m deathly allergic to peanuts.  Can you tell my mind is on food, not really on my stories?

Seriously, the kids should be the distraction.  Four little girls running around my house screaming should be why I’m not writing.  Or maybe that I’m playing around on the internet.  Those are distractions I understand.  Starving shouldn’t be a distraction.  After all, the county nurse didn’t warn me that I’d be hungry non-stop with the new diet.  And I’m not allowed to eat when I’m hungry.  This is gonna take a bit of getting used to, and I think it’ll be a distraction until I’m done with the pregnancy and can eat more again.

I understand cutting my carbs if they think I have gestational diabetes.  But cutting the rest of my foods?  And my proteins?  And suggesting I need salt in my diet?  (Hello?  Preeclampsia is high blood pressure.  I’m not sure why I’d think lots of salt is bad.  But, I’m not a doctor.)  Oh well, I’m doing this for the baby.

Back to attempting to write through the pains of an empty stomach.  This should pass in a week or so as my body adjusts to not eating.


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