Excerpt Because I’m Lazy Today!

I’m still dealing with health issues.  The doctors have now diagnosed me with preeclampsia, severe (sickle cell) anemia, gestational diabetes, severe water weight around my organs, and severe stress.  Is there a possibility that the stress might be related to the medical community?  Oh well, since I spent yesterday dealing with doctors, I didn’t have a chance to write a post.  And I’d hate to leave y’all without a post.

Here’s an excerpt from the manuscript.  Hopefully, it’ll keep your attention while I deal with crazy doctors.

Hans Zeidrich wondered if he looked as nervous as he felt.  She would be home shortly.  Hans had spent a good deal of time looking for this one.  Her background was a lie.  He had known that, but the extent of the lie shocked him.  Twenty-two!  She was only sixteen.  Granted, she’s already graduated with her doctorates degree.  The forged birth certificate was almost immaculate.  But she is sixteen, not twenty-two.

The convoy would arrive shortly.  Finally, she would be home.  If Hans had his way, she would never leave the Main House again in her life.  She would grow old and gray happily spending her days in her suite, never thinking about boys or men.

Like that’s going to happen.  Hans smiled as he chided himself.  She’s going to leave someday.  All you can hope for is that she’ll marry a man that’s worthy of her.  Not like that’s going to happen, but you can hope.  Besides, do you really want her living her entire life in this house?  No, you don’t.  Okay, yes, you do.  But Pa let you spread your wings.  You’ll let her do the exact same thing.

I wonder what she looks like.  Is she tall?  They said her eyes were blue-green.  Are they still that shade of Houston blue-green?  Pa’s eyes were distinct, as were Margie’s eyes.  Hers used to be the same shade.  Everyone called it Houston Eyes.  Then again, people used to comment on Zeidrich Eyes when the boys were alive.  The sound of vehicles brought Hans out of his thoughts.  She was on the compound.


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