KKK? Rebranding? Uh huh!

There I was, reading The Grio, when I saw an interesting article.  (Yes, I do read The Grio.  Yep, I’m lily white.)  The article was all about the KKK.  It seems our buddies in the Klu Kluk Klan have decided they need a makeover.  The KKK has a new platform and ways to get their friendlier message across.  New platform?  The KKK?  Those guys with hoods who are, um, white supremacists have a new message?  Anyone else laughing at that statement?

The KKK has decided that violence and protests don’t help their cause.  Really?  You think violence doesn’t help a cause?  I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out that normal people are turned off by violence.  (Can you see the sarcasm in that statement?)  And it shocks me that people show up to counter protest the KKK and other race supremacist groups.

Because of the former problems, the KKK has decided they are gonna have a lobbyist group.  A lobbyist group that lobbies Congress for things the KKK believes are important.  They have that right.  Everyone, no matter who they are, has the right to lobby Congress.

So, what does the new and improved KKK want?  Well, they are fully tolerant of anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, as long as that person isn’t of a different skin color or has a different opinion on the mixing of the races.  They don’t want people pushing their agenda on children.  (You know, like those pesky people who think Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man and believe in his Dream of a better world.)  They wanna defend and represent white people.  They wanna keep minorities as a minority, vote blacks out of office and keep blacks from gaining office, and, oh yeah, keep the death penalty and abortion as a way to kill off minorities.  Any of this different than the old Klan?

Why bring this up?  Well, part of me saw a great story in this rebranding.  My previous idea for a short story has been replaced by my main character rebranding his neo-Nazi group.  (It’s either gonna be really funny or really serious.  I haven’t decided which way I’m going.)  The other reason is we as a society keep claiming these are fringe groups.  We claim these groups will go away if we keep them in the shadow.  No, they won’t go away until we confront their ideas in the light of day.  Until we acknowledge that these race supremacists aren’t just the weird people at some outdoor survivalist camp, but people we know in business and even at our churches, we can’t go further.  We must admit racism is all around us, and bring it into the light, even if it is through fiction.  Racism isn’t going away today, but maybe it’ll be gone tomorrow.

Oh, and for a laugh check out The Grio article.  It’ll give you something to think about, too.


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