Weekend Problems

Hope everyone spent some time this weekend remembering our fallen heroes.

Since I’m on bed rest, we didn’t do too much.  That was until Sunday afternoon when we got a knock on the door from the city.  The city and house calls on weekends – much less a holiday weekend – isn’t a good sign.  Even worse was the city wasn’t after us, but our neighbors.  Our neighbors who were off on a relaxing vacation.  The neighbors who had a waterfall on their driveway.

Yep, that’s a bad thing!  After a call to our neighbors, my husband broke into their house (with permission) and the water rushed out of the house.  Literally, the water rushed over the tops of my wedges and my husband’s boots.  This would be a great time to mention that wearing a long maternity dress to a flooded house isn’t a great idea.  Very, very, very bad idea!

The good news is the damage doesn’t look too bad.  It seems the pipe that runs from the wall to the toilet’s reservoir busted.  That pipe sprayed water all over the bathroom, and that water filled the house.  The electronics that were plugged into the wall still worked.  The floor is tile, so hopefully it’ll be easier during the cleanup process.  And, the neighbors got ahold of one of those flood cleanup companies that came out Sunday afternoon.  Lots of calls to our neighbors so they were in the loop.

To end the day, I got a rejection!  Urg!  On a holiday weekend?  Couldn’t agents wait until Memorial Weekend was over?  I guess not!  Oh well, life goes on, and rejections aren’t the end of the world.  Today I’ll send off my submission to Glimmer Train Press’ May contest and begin revising the next month’s competition.  A few runner-ups or wins should help my case with agents.


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