Snail Mail Rejections

I guess I should mention lack of rejections when I want rejections.  I got a couple snail mail rejections this week.  For the heck of it, I’m keeping the rejection letters.  After all, when I look back at all these letters I’ll laugh.  Right?  You know, after I’m a bestselling author?

The rejection letters have all been short and sweet.  One was just a handwritten “Not for me” on my query letter.  I’m gonna take that as totally not for that agent.  One of the rejections is on a full sheet of paper, but just a sentence saying that the agent has passed.

Oh well, life goes on after rejections.  I’m four days from the Glimmer Train Press May Short Story for New Writer’s contest deadline.  The submission is in the final stages of revisions.  I should make the deadline with time to spare.  Making the May deadline should bring my spirits up.


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