Tornados and My Family

Yesterday I really thought about a nice little writing post.  Then I got a call from a friend at The Weather Channel.  When your meteorologist friends call you there is something wrong with the world.  Or at least your world.  I live in the desert.  I knew it wasn’t in my neck of the woods.  And that’s when he said the famous “Where in Oklahoma does your grandma live?”  Okay, friend, you have my undivided attention!

The good news was the huge tornados were north of my grandma.  The bad news was there wasn’t just one tornado in Oklahoma yesterday.  From Dallas, Texas to I-70 in Kansas, and Wichita Falls, Texas to Joplin, Missouri there were tons of tornados yesterday.  Yep, lots right around where some of my family is centered.  There’s Grandma, and her sister, and her brother, and a few cousins…  Oh, and I’m pretty sure there is family on my husband’s side.  And there are some cousins on my mom’s side…  Yep, just a few members of the family in that area.  I called my mom so my dad could call his mom.

By call his mom I obviously meant call Dad who was with his mom.  Let me explain a few things about Dad.  He’s a good ol’ boy from Texas.  He grew up with tornados, so he’s not so worried about tornados.  Who cares that the news was saying things like “Don’t watch this one!  Get under ground or out of the way!”  Dad’s the type of guy who will sit on the porch watching the tornado.

My call to Dad went like this:

Me: Dad, there’s a Super Cell over you.  You should, I don’t know, seek shelter since you’re under a tornado warning.

Dad: I can see blue sky.

Me: Things change quickly.  And you might wanna call Aunt Julia and check on her, since she’s got a big one her way.

Dad: Nah, it’ll track north.  It won’t be a big deal.

Me: Did you hear about the tornado in Oakland?  There’s a stinkin’ storm near you!

Dad: Don’t worry!

Me: There’s another one in Ardmore!  Hello!  That’s like twenty minutes away!  Have you thought about shelter?  I don’t know why I would be worried…

The good news is my dad and grandma survived.  The great news is thanks to way too many tornados in any given year, the people in the path of yesterday’s tornados took shelter in really good shelters.  That probably kept the amount of lives lost at a minimum.  But, there were deaths and there is damage in a huge part of our country.  Damage that has only compounded the damage from the Joplin Tornado.

You can help.  There are tons of places writers are gathering on the internet, auctioning off things.  But I thought I’d give y’all the links for some Non-Government Organizations, or NGOs, that are already mobilized and rolling towards the damage.  (Nope, it doesn’t hurt that they were already in Joplin.)

Hopefully there is better stuff tomorrow!


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