Not Really An Agent Update

I haven’t updated on the query front for a bit. There is a simple reason. I haven’t heard anything from agents lately. Yesterday, I went through the agents I’ve queried and closed out a bunch of queries as “No Response.” Yes, I know agents are busy. Yes, I understand the whole “No response means a rejection” thing. Yes, it still stings slightly as I close out the query because it means another rejection. The other thing you have to wonder when you get no response is if the agent even got your query. Let’s face it. Things happen a lot to emails. They get sent to spam all the time. Plus, I am using my website email. That could add another level of spam. (This is why I really love the “We got your query” automatic emails.) So, did the agent even get the e-query? I don’t wanna query again with a whole “Hi, I was just wondering if you got my last email” only because every agent interview I see hates that in a wannabe. Add the snail mail queries, and things get interesting. Yep, I know they supposedly take longer. After all, said letter must go from the Mexican border to New York. That’s three or four days right there. And then the agent (or the agent’s assistant) must open the envelope, glance at the query letter, and then toss a rejection in my SASE. What do you wanna bet that takes a day or so? My SASE goes in the mail, and travels back to me. Most of the time this process takes roughly a week and a half from start to finish. Not this time! Nope, I am still waiting for rejections from three of the snail mail agents. And it’s been over two weeks. This sadly gives me hope. I’ve looked at how long the agents take to return “We’re passing” letters, and shockingly it takes about two weeks. But the “Send me some more” takes more like three to four weeks. I wonder if they are sitting there at their desks deciding if they really like the query letter. That’s why there haven’t been any updates lately on my progress with agents. Kinda hard to update when there is nothing to report. Hopefully, I’ll have something to report soon.


One thought on “Not Really An Agent Update

  1. You know if you don’t hear from agents…. you could do a collection of short stories on the end of the world. Those were so cute and funny. I really loved them. I just got to check my e-mail today and I found myself wanting to read more. love you

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