Unexpected Vacation!

I know I suddenly went missing.  My health issues shouldn’t have overshadowed the blog, but they did a great job of making me forget everything.  The parasite (fetus, baby, whatever you wanna call her) is using too much of the blood I can’t make myself.  That means I’ve had a few extra bags of blood.  Usually we do red blood or white blood, not both.  This week someone had the great idea to do both.  I was out almost as soon as I got home from the first bag of whole blood.  That’s a lot of new blood.  My body thought sleep would help in the adjustment.  Then my spinal cord acted up more than usual, and through the severe pain I decided the blog could wait.  Ah, the joys of chronic medical conditions and the addition of a parasite.

The good news is I feel better.  Well, as better as I will ever feel again after this pregnancy.  And my temperature didn’t shoot really high.  It maxed out at 104F.  The even better news is that my general practitioner has approved me querying this week!  Her suggestion is lots of chocolate, Starbucks, and doing queries only today (Wednesday) and not tomorrow.  Something about a dental visit…


One thought on “Unexpected Vacation!

  1. Now why in the world would you have a dentist appointment while you were pregnant? I haven’t seen your page in quite a long while. It looks really nice and there are a lot more stuff that have been added since I last saw it. It all looks really great. I will have to give you a call today some time.

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