Computer Problems Equals Day Off

I had computer problems yesterday.  By computer problems I mean Blue Screen of Death during a routine Windows Update problems.  Seven hours, two Starbucks Frappuccinos, a couple of chocolate bars, one Amy’s cheese enchiladas TV dinner (real food was a must), a few cups of tea, and a bunch of parsley later my computer was saved from the eventual toss against the wall.  It was a bit of a stressful day without query letters, waiting breathlessly for agents’ replies, writing and revising novels, plus writing and revising short stories.

Of course, sometime late in the afternoon I realized I forgot the blog!  No posts were written for today.  Oops!  This is an issue!  Strangely, the blog doesn’t write posts.  The problem is I have what I’d like to call “Blue Screen Writer’s Block.”  I can totally work on the stories now that I have access to the stories.  I need the distraction.

All I can think of is that yesterday would have been the perfect time for an agent to email for more.  It would have been the moment I couldn’t do anything but go “Wait!  I need my manuscript!”  It was stuck on my computer and my external hard drive.  I couldn’t get on the external, even with my husband’s computer.  (I don’t know the password for his computer.)  Luckily for my sanity, there were no requests for a partial.  There was a snail mail rejection, but no requests.

Hopefully, today will be major computer problem free.  I’d like to work on queries, not my Operating System.


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