Forgotten Queries!

I’ve got a great mail carrier.  She’s always smiling when she shows up at the door.  And, like most of our local post office, my mail carrier is hopeful that I’ll shortly mail manuscripts out through the post office.  (I’m sure there are dollar signs in someone’s eyes.)

Anywho, my lovely mail carrier knocked on my door to mention a minor issue with ANT’s QT.  Yeah, I’m not kidding.  It seems someone (me) forgot to tell the tracking software at QueryTracker that I submitted some snail mail queries last week.  That meant little ol’ me forgot to include all four snail mailed queries in ANT’s QT’s numbers.  Yep, silly ol’ me totally messed up my numbers.  And my mail carrier is certain this all happened because I was on the phone when she picked up the queries.

She might be right.  I was too busy talking, dealing with pups, figuring out ways to ignore my health, and handing over queries to record said queries!  I did in the blog post last week, but not anywhere else.  Silly me!

That means ANT’s QT and my submission records at QueryTracker (which aren’t public but let me know who I have queried) weren’t up-to-date.  Right in time for me to work on the next bunch of queries!  Yep, that could have been bad.  Very, very, very bad.  Just what I need; bugging an agent twice within a month about the same manuscript.  That sounds like a way to go from “slush pile” to “blacklisted.”

Needless to say, ANT’s QT and QueryTracker were updated immediately.  (Luckily for me, USPS sent me an email about who I sent queries to, since I purchased the postage online.)

And as long as I had the email opened about the query letters, I figured I should check out the delivery status.

Agent 45 received the query on May 7th.

Agent 20 received the query on May 7th.

Agent 29 has not received the query.

Agent 59 hasn’t received the query.

(The last two should have been delivered Saturday, but for some weird reason USPS has this funky insistence that they deliver mail 6 days a week, so all businesses should be opened six days a week.  If you aren’t there on Saturday, USPS will hold your mail until you come get your mail.  Yeah, see this is usually when I complain at the office that gang at USPS know we’re closed on Saturday, but insist on making a first attempt on Saturday!  In an office building filled with other closed offices.  So, Agents 29 & 59, I am sorry about the whole thing where you’ve gotta go get my query.  If I had known the queries would show up on Saturday I would have waited until Friday to send them.  And, yep, I know I just found the slush pile for the extra work.)

Everything is now up-to-date.  I can concentrate on the submissions I have scheduled for next week.  Fingers crossed that someone, somewhere picks up my query and likes it.  And that I don’t accidently double query an agent!


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