My New Google Calendar

I’m messing with widgets on the blog’s sidebar.  Yeah, this shouldn’t shock anyone who stops by on a regular basis.  Allow me to introduce the “Amanda Nicole’s Writing Calendar” widget.  Thanks to Google Calendar I have created a calendar dedicated just to my writing.  I’m not sure why it currently isn’t showing when I have stuff on the calendar on the widget.  It should have dates in bold.  I’m working on the issue at the moment.  I guess you could always click over and view the calendar in Google Calendar.  And, yes, I realize this is what happens when you jump on the bandwagon the day a new widget comes out.  Kinks will appear.

At the moment the calendar just has my querying schedule and the deadlines for a couple writing competitions.  (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the contests that appear, nor am I endorsing any contests.)  If you know of a really cool and legit contest I’ve missed, email me (amanda (at) amandanicoletrisdale (dot) com) and I’ll add those to the calendar.  There are a lot of legit contests, and I will admit I won’t enter each and every single contest on the calendar.  Some of you might be interested in the contests, though, so I am adding the deadlines and links to the contest rules.

If you look at the whole month over at Google Calendars you’ll notice cute little icons.  Anything with a smiley face is about agents.  (I figure I’m smiling with hope when I query agents.)  All open books are contest deadlines.  The little martini glass?  That’s for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and while I’m sure I won’t be drinking in November I might want a shot or two after writing a novel from scratch in a month.  The cute little green present goes with all the dates associated with Amanda’s Blog’s Annual Holiday Short Stories.  (Don’t forget about those stories!)

Someday I plan on putting my book tour dates and publication dates on the calendar.  Someday.  For now, I’ve gotta find an agent that’s willing to chance it with a new author.  Until then, I’ll use the time wisely and get everyone used to the calendar.  (Well, while I’m querying, writing and entering contests.)


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