Snail Mail Querying and Bumps in the Road

There I was yesterday, working the day away.  MSNBC played in the background while I switched back and forth between politics and my fledgling writing career.  Queries were sent off via email yesterday.  Three agencies sent back automatic replies.  (Dear any agent reading this: I think I speak for all wannabes that automatic replies that let us know you actually got our e-query.  Thanks those of you who take the time to set one up!)

I printed off the snail mail queries.  I placed everything in their flat rate envelopes.  Then I went to print the postage.  That’s when I realized my plan to send the snail queries tomorrow had hit a snag.  My mail carrier always comes at the same time every single day.  That’s great, except that specific time today will be while I’m at the stupid OB/GYN.  (Yeah, still gotta go because my General Practitioner says I gotta go see the idiots.  No, telling me I’m overreacting when I call because I’m bleeding and have a 107F fever isn’t the way to get me back in your office!)

Good news is I caught this little bump in the road before I paid for and printed the postage.  All four snail mail queries are going out tomorrow morning.  If my mail carrier is correct, that means the queries shall find their way to New York on Tuesday morning.  Yep, not too bad.

I’ve got a few e-queries that go off this morning.  Then off to the yucky OB/GYN and the General Practitioner.  And tomorrow I’ll send off the snail mail queries.


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