Next Batch of Query Letters

It’s been a month since I last sent out query letters due to some medical problems.  Today I plan on sending off my first batch of queries since April 4th.  That means a few things are racing through my head.  First, I’m extremely nervous.  Second, I’m convinced I can’t do this and I shouldn’t waste an agent’s time with my feeble attempts at writing.  Third, I’m a great writer and someday someone will see that.  Fourth, my query letter is horrible.  Fifth, I can do this.  (Seeing a pattern here?)

Oh well, I will set aside my fears.  I will send out my query letter and if agents have requested some material attached, I will include that.  And I will cross my fingers that the right agent for me is in this batch of query letters.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be on my laptop sending out query letters.


4 thoughts on “Next Batch of Query Letters

  1. That’s the way, keeping pushing forth like the little train with its “I think I can” attitude, instead of jumping off track. Someday, someone will realize your talent and snatch you up. I’m sure many of them already do, but you know how it goes timing is just as much of your success with getting someone’s attention as it is your writing. I’m pulling for you!

    • Yep, I’m the Little Choo-Choo who could 🙂 Hopefully one of these agents this week is the one who sees both the talent and thinks the timing is right.

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