Not Book, But Symbolic Victory

I should write about the book or publishing, but as the President of the United States spoke last night a phase of my life ended.  (I’m not complaining!  Trust me!)  A new era has begun across the globe.  The Middle East is now filled with young people who want democracy.  Our war against terrorism may not be completely over, but things are rolling towards the finish line.

Yeah, I know.  Y’all heard the news last night/early this morning.  If you haven’t, um, are you under a rock?  Osama bin Laden is dead!  Dead as a doornail!  The JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) boys took a little stroll in Pakistan.  I guess they figured they needed to stretch their legs.  While stretching their legs, the JSOC boys found Osama bin Laden.  Needless to say, our great boys in uniform did their job.  They did it well.  No casualties on our side of the fire fight.  But, there were some casualties; like Osama bin Laden.  He’s dead as a door nail!

He can’t plan another attack on the World Trade Centers.  (He planned two over the years.)  He can’t send his men to bomb our embassies again.  He can’t hurt us!  Yeah, I know.  Bin Laden hasn’t done a lot over the last few years.  We kinda had the guy in a box.  Bin Laden wasn’t even really in charge of Al Quada anymore.  Still, after almost 20 years of this man terrorizing us, the man is dead.

JSOC did it!  The US of A took out the bad guy!  We’re not at war with Islam, but can anyone really tell me that bin Laden practiced Islam?  He corrupted the Quran for his own purposes.  He killed Muslims and infidels alike.  He was a bad, bad, bad man.  And bin Laden is dead.  Dead.  Dead.

The weird things are gonna be dealt with later.  The fact Americans usually don’t cheer deaths, but we held lots of parties last night is an oxymoron.  The fact we as Americans don’t believe in assassinations, but we all celebrated bin Laden’s assassination is crazy.  The crowds outside the White House after midnight were insane!  Colleges around the country broke out in celebrations.

This is V-E Day for Generation Y and the Millennials.  This is what our entire adult lives has been about.  Many of our friends and family (especially in the military) suddenly see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Our lives have been shaped by the attacks on 9/11.

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001?  I was at college, a junior who just had the best date of her life.  Before my first class of the day I got an email about a prop plane that hit Tower Two of the World Trade Center.  When I got out of class both Tower One and Tower Two of the World Trade Center were gone.  The Pentagon had a gapping hole in the side.  Flight 93 had crashed.  The last of my innocence was gone as every student huddled around televisions, dealing with the pain of terrorism away from their families and loved ones.

That shaped all of us, and the kids younger than us.  My boyfriend (who became my fiance, and then my husband) changed his plans in life.  Most of our friends joined the military; including my husband.  The kids younger than us joined the military knowing they’d go off to war against terrorism.  And they did.  And some never came home.  Some we knew.  Some we didn’t know.  Those that came home weren’t the same.  How could they be after witnessing war?

This is the moment we waited for all these years.  Osama bin Laden, the man behind our terror on 9/11. is dead.  Dead.  Dead.  Dead.  Dead.  Dead.  The founder of Al Quada was killed by our boys in uniform.  Yes!  Not only the victims of 9/11, but those killed in the first World Trade Center bombing, the embassy bombings and, the deaths of those in the military who gave their all have found justice.  The man who is responsible for their murder is dead!

Take a second and enjoy this moment!  Life has changed in some ways, and will still stay the same in others.  But, enjoy this moment of history.  In 66 years hopefully you’ll remember this day.  (Yep, it was 66 years ago yesterday that the world found out Hitler was dead!)

I’ll quit rambling at some point, once I settle down.  Go!  Celebrate if you haven’t celebrated already!  The younger generations are celebrating!  We’ll get back to the wars and the whole terrorism thing later.  Don’t worry!  The military and the intelligence communities aren’t celebrating.  They are vigilant, making sure we’re safe.  Take advantage of that and celebrate the death of a bad man.


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