New Holiday Short Story

Adding to my busy schedule, I’m working on a new short story for the blog.  It’s a holiday short story, so y’all will see it in December.  There’s holiday music playing on the speakers.  Holiday scented candles are burning.  Some saved Starbucks Holiday blend is in the mug by the bed.  (Don’t tell the OB I’m drinking caffeine.  But, I have the cardiologist’s permission.  And the whole “No Caffeine” thing is about your bp when pregnant.  So, I figure I’ve got the right doctor’s permission.)

It’s almost 90 degrees outside.  The only white on the ground is the sand.  (Which was the only white stuff we had on the ground in December.)  It’s bright and sunny.  There’s not even a fluffy white cloud in the sky.  Since we live in restricted air space we don’t even have contrails in the blue sky.  The neighbor’s tree is filled with these icky delicate white blossoms that look beautiful but make me sneeze like crazy.  Those and the yucky yellow flowers of a certain weed are the only flowers we’ll see until the rains come later this summer.  (That is, if the rains show this year.)  Nothing says “Christmas” like the week after Easter as the world is in full bloom!

Yet, if I want a perfect holiday story now is the time to start.  Time to come up with an idea.  Brush off an idea or two that I didn’t use last year.  Do I stay with the Zeidrich Family?  Maybe come up with a whole bunch of new friends to play with?  The big story I wrote last year was on Peter Zeidrich’s Christmas Wish.  Should I write one on Alexandria’s early life this year?  Can I come up with more than one story in case I can’t con y’all into joining me?  (Might I suggest writing a short story for this year’s Annual Holiday Short Stories?  And telling your friends about the fun?)

Once I get all that figured out, I still gotta write the story.  It sounds easy, but not so much when you hafta get in the Holiday Mood without the Holiday Season.  After that the short story has a journey to take.  It needs BR’s Stamp of Approval somewhere between Chapters and a short story I’m writing for another contest.  It’ll be a bit before this lovely story is ready for BR, but I still hafta fit it into the whole thing.

The fun of writing a holiday story!  Gotta start early so it’s done in plenty of time for the Holidays.


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