Querying Doubts

Now that my brain is functioning again – that 107F fever didn’t do me any favors last week – I figured I could use this week as a “Let’s see what I was doing” week.  The only problem I saw was the fact I’m getting cabin fever between bed rest and being sick.  Cabin fever is still there, but that nice little red glow south of us near all of my favorite shopping is keeping me home!  Something about smoke, flames and a dislike of being near the vector where they intersect is keeping me home.  That, and the two dogs who aren’t communicating enough that they’d like to leave the vicinity.

Somewhere in the commotion of whimpers and leashes tossed in my direction, I managed to reconnect with my list of agents.  That list with names of people I intended to query over a week ago is back to actual people, not just names.  I actually remember why I thought these people were cool enough to approach in the first place.

You know the feeling of “If they reject me, at least I’ll know one of the best rejected me.  Why am I even thinking about this whole process?  I’m an idiot!  This agent is so cool they’ll never try someone like little ol’ me.  What do I have that I can offer an agent?  Well, besides a great manuscript that’s gonna be really controversial.  Yeah, exactly why am I doing this again?  Hum, I’ve got Book Five under way.  Maybe no one will notice if I just go write book five for a few minutes…”  Yeah, I’m feeling like that at the moment.

Yet, somehow, I do realize I gotta get out of this funk and on with querying agents.  Come Monday morning I’ve got a bunch of queries that go out.  That means it’s time to buckle down and do last minute checks on those queries.  There’s no time for cabin fever, fires or self-doubt!  All of that will just stand in my way on this journey to publication.

PS: Here’s what the Abrams Fire looked like in the morning from our front yard before the wind went from 20 miles an hour to really fast.  Again.  Don’t know why the dogs aren’t happy.  At least the fire’s crazy and likes moving against the wind, thus slowing its progress.  I can spend a few more days watching it come down the slope, doing little damage.

The Abrams Fire
The Abrams Fire April 27 from North-Eastern Las Cruces.
Right at Dusk

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