New Week, New Ideas

I’m officially feeling much better!  Time to think about agents and queries again.  It’ll take a few more days before I’m ready for querying again.  My mind is still a little fuzzy about things previously done.  I’m going back and reminding myself who these agents are and why the heck I picked the query letter I did.  (Little bug messes with your mind, and you have funky questions.)

The plan for this week is reminding myself about everything I’ve forgotten about the query process.  It shouldn’t take too long.  My memory just needs a little push.  We’ll see how this goes.

While I’m busy with that, I think it’s time for a couple of short stories.  Yep, you heard me correct.  I am seriously thinking about whipping up a couple of short stories again and submitting them to contests.  There are two contests I’ve thought about entering.  Both are a couple of months off, which gives me plenty of time to come up with an idea and go for it.

Which contests am I looking at?  Writer’s Digest has one for short stories in June, and the Glimmer Train Short Fiction for New Writers in August.  I’ll probably try whipping up a countdown clock for the Sidebar.  (If you’re on the site, the widgets will hopefully go right over there àwhen I’ve got one.)  I may also try add another contest and a submission to a publication.  It just depends on how long each original idea takes me.

Back to queries.  Back to other ways of being published.  Back to growing my platform, messing with the blog and the site so they are perfect.  Back to the journey!


2 thoughts on “New Week, New Ideas

  1. Sounds great! Every opportunity to get your name out there will help! Plus, I’m hoping we get to read the short stories, too!

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