First Call for Amanda’s Blog Annual Holiday Short Stories!

I know.  I know.  Y’all are saying “But Amanda Nicole, it’s April!  And you’re talking about Winter Holidays!”  Everyone knows how long it takes to write a story.  Then you’ve gotta edit and revise and beta read your story.  Stories aren’t something that show up overnight.  (Okay, sometimes they do.  But that’s a different post.)

So, here it is April and I am sending out the first call for submissions.  Amanda’s Blog Annual Holiday Short Stories is going live again this year on November 21, 2011.  You can find the entire list of rules here.  They aren’t very legal, because it’s not really much more than a collection of everyone’s short stories that they want to share.

Submissions will be accepted from October 24, 2011 to November 20, 2011.  Stories should be between 500-2500 words.

Genre?  Whatever genre you write is fine.  It’s the holiday season.  Rock stations play songs by country singers.  This is the time of year preferences go out the window, and people enjoy a bit of everything.

Holiday?  Any holiday in November and December, even made-up sci-fi holidays.

Previously Published?  Only if you have the rights to republish.

Do I keep the copyright?  Not a chance!  You hold the copyright to your story.  Not me.

Is this a contest?  Nope.  No contest.  Just a cool way to share “gifts” with each other during the holidays.

Can you link to your story?  Please, please, please do.  Invite all your friends to read your really cool holiday story.

Do you have to be a writer to participate?  Nope.  Anyone can write a short story.  We won’t say a thing about your writing skills if you aren’t a published author.

Do you have to “follow” Amanda’s Blog?  Nope.  We had two stories last year submitted by a small press publishing house.

Dust off your creative thinking skills and start your perfect short story.  Trust me when I say it’s a bunch of fun!  And tell everyone you know about the short stories.  The more people we have, the more fun we’ll have.  Besides, just think of those lovely winter days with a cup of eggnog or hot chocolate (or coffee), reading stories about the Holidays.  You’ll have a blast every day!  So, get to work on your own submission!  And grab the button for the Annual Holiday Short Stories below for your blog:

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; alt=”Amanda’s Blog’s Annual Holiday Short Stories” />


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