Chapter Four Officially BR Approved!

So, there I was having a pity party because of rejections when it happened.  A new email to the site’s email address.  Considering very few people use that email, I figured that it was another rejection.  I’ve only gotten a few of those.  As you can guess, I pouted as I opened my email.

And then I smiled because it was BR!  (Bet BR didn’t know she makes me excited and really, really happy!)  More notes about the manuscript!  Ways to fix the manuscript!  Someone who has read the manuscript with an opinion about the manuscript!  Excitement doesn’t begin to explain my feelings!  I was ecstatic.  I was elated!  Is euphoric too strong of a word?

As I opened the email things got interesting.  I hate, hate, hate Chapter Four.  It’s needed, because I had to introduce some characters and explain some family stuff before the book continued any further.  I expected a long email with lots of problems.  Yep, what I got was pretty much “It was great!”  This is why I need BR.  A fresh pair of eyes that sees the manuscript from a different point of view.  And a little bump in my self-esteem.

I’ve also decided to make a minor change in the beta process.  (BR, do not worry!  Yet.)  Anywho, I’ve realized that I really, really like being able to say “This has BR’s stamp of approval” but I don’t have a stamp that says “BR Approved.”  Sad, huh?  Well, I went out and bought a custom stamp that says “BR Approved” and as BR gives her “viral stamp of approval” to each chapter, I will actually stamp out that chapter.  I’m gonna print off the first page of each chapter and stamp the approval right on the page.  Yeah, it’s pathetic.  Did I mention that I have some quirks?

Oh well, the stamp should arrive on Friday.  Then I can stamp the Prologue through Chapter Four.  Pictures will be up on the Facebook fan page when that happens.  Hopefully, from now on those pictures will also headline any chapters BR approves from here on out.  And y’all will get a kick out of seeing the stamp across the chapter, right?

There’s the change.  (You can breathe now, BR.)  It’s really a minor change, but it’ll make me feel great!


4 thoughts on “Chapter Four Officially BR Approved!

  1. I’m one of those who checks her email only about 75 times a day, hoping that something will arrive about my manuscript or blog…so I get it!

    I love the stamp idea -anything that gives you a boost!

    • I’d say something about checking email 75 times a day (which I think might be obsessive), but my email comes to my smart phone. And I might check my smart phone a few more times than that. I’m just not checking my email, since I might have missed a call. That phone is so far away, especially when it charges right from the computer where I’m typing. Yep, I’m not obsessive.

      I agree. Anything to give us writers a boost. It gets pretty bad over time. But the stamp shall help with the boost.

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