No Querying Yesterday, But a Visit to the Doctor’s!

Yesterday I was supposed to send out another round of queries.  That was the plan.  Even after taking the weekend off, I figured it wouldn’t be that hard.  But, there was a minor issue with my health, a quick trip to my general practitioner and radiology, and my day was suddenly shot.  Actually, my next few days are shot, thanks to a minor aliment.  (And a really great headache.  And no equilibrium.  And a minor temperature.  And blood in my spinal fluid.  It’s totally no big deal.)

I figure querying agents while I can’t exactly put two words together without my general practitioner assuring me those words belong together is a bad idea.  So, um, as soon as I’m cleared for querying I will send out the latest batch of queries.  Until then, I’ll be in bed, spine flat, and totally praying this horrible headache goes away quickly.  (And promising that for the next few months I won’t claim migraines hurt if I can just make it through this headache!)

Oh, and for anyone wondering about the fetus…  She’s fine.  She’s not gonna have any problems.  They did another ultrasound and found nothing wrong.  (We’re at 10 ultrasounds now.)  But the second she’s old enough for a viral meningitis vaccination, the little girl will get one.  I know my problem is the aftereffects of bacterial not viral, but if I can keep her from getting one I’ll be happy!


4 thoughts on “No Querying Yesterday, But a Visit to the Doctor’s!

  1. Oh my goodness, feel better! Good health is much more important than a few queries! Take care of yourself and that precious little one!

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